Our Humanitarian Endeavours

Bringing quality and reliable healthcare to rural and tribal regions of India

  • Cataract cure
  • Mother and child care services
  • Family planning
  • Other health support services

Running successful programs towards noble causes

  • Samta Swachhata Abhiyaan to promote cleanliness and hygiene.
  • Annachhatra program, providing subsidised meals and free shelter to patients from rural areas visiting Government hospitals.

Working with rural-tribal schools in Maharashtra

  • Setting up and maintaining Computer labs
  • providing trained teachers.
  • MAIT Risod, Maharashtra (self-owned facility)
  • providing free courses in Robotics, Computers and Vocational courses.

Radical approach towards prisoner transformation

  • First foundation to collaborate with prisoner authorities and improve quality of life of prisoners.
  • Help in bailing out deserving inmates.
  • Providing healthcare and vocational training.