Ongoing Nutritional Programme since 2020
for Little Fighters at Tata Memorial Hospital

In 2020, Mamta & Madhusudan Agrawal Foundation started contributing to ImPaCCT Foundation of Pediatric Oncology of Tata Memorial Hospital to “Give every child fighting cancer the best chance at cure! ”.

Tata Memorial Hospital, India’s premier cancer treatment, education & research centre, registers more than 70000 new cancer patients every year. Nearly 3000 of these are children of less than 18 years of age. This number is increasing every year. These patients come from all over India and more than 70% of these are given free or highly subsidized treatment based on family’s income. Among the challenges faced by these unfortunate children, one of the biggest unmet need is provision of good nutritional support during aggressive treatment of cancer.

Approximately 60-70% of all children coming to Tata Memorial Hospital especially from poor socio-economic backgrounds are malnourished at presentation. The nutritional status further deteriorates during therapy. Malnutrition in patients has a negative effect on the function of the gut and immunity of the child as well as on cancer outcome. Overall, malnutrition increases rate of abandonment of therapy and doubles the risk of death due to cancer.

Impact of the Project: The treatment refusal and abandonment rates have come down from 25% to 3% from 2009 until now – which means so many more lives are being saved!