Initiatives during Coronavirus (Covid 19) Pandemic


Mamta & Madhusudan Agrawal Foundation actively supports governmental activities and during the pandemic, took proactive decision and provided immediate sanitization and medical supplies to essential workers across institutions, and distributed ration kits to the poor in rural areas and tribal districts. Ration kits were also distributed to the Old Age Home in Gorai.

Besides organising awareness drives, distribution of masks, sanitizers, infrared thermometers, they also setup swab collection booths, and donated necessary equipment to different Government hospitals, medical colleges, prisons, police stations, toll-plazas, and other organizations, too.

Helping hand given to the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) towards setting up Covid Care facilities, providing vaccination, ventilators, oxygen concentration machines, plasma therapy research, etc.

Support was extended towards MCGM pre-festive efforts by organizing vaccination drive for the underserved with around 17,000 beneficiaries.


Our Founder, Mr. Madhusudan Agrawal, is the Hon Consul of Uganda Mumbai. Besides his continued efforts to support and further the Prime Minister’s 10 Guiding Principles for enhanced engagement with Africa and Uganda, he and his family also actively contribute towards the Ugandan Government’s community development activities for the poor and needy.

During the pandemic, he arranged safe journey for the travellers of and from Uganda during the lockdown affected by the Covid 19 Pandemic with cooperation from Governments, friends and the diplomatic circle. Every individual needing to travel back home was sent safely with food pack for a comfortable journey.

The underserved elderly population in Kampala, Uganda were provided grocery kits for sustenance during the pandemic.

India-Uganda Relations
Beneficiaries at Entebbe International Airport Uganda
Grocery Kits Distribution to Ugandan Elderly
Beneficiaries on Board