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Using Credit Wisely After Bankruptcy

By September 6, 2022No Comments

The problem, of course, is 2006 is truly long time from the very first time your industry is destroyed. Kinds of traditional stashing away a handful of those extra dollars for a rainy work day.
The way these loans work is simple; a person completes their income tax return and submits it. A lender then issues a loan which will be repaid using the amount of the tax refund. Large numbers of taxpayers take out such loans every year without realizing the risks involved.

The danger is that the return maybe rejected and the taxpayer will still have to pay off a loan. This can damage an individual’s credit rating and ability to borrow money in the future if they can’t the loan. Some of the tax services will also take unpaid anticipation loan amounts out of future tax refunds.

And then one day THE letter comes telling me that I will NOT be receiving my State Income Tax Refund Money. The money is being withheld to pay a debt. Oh Crap!… I was counting on that money.

Besides being secured by the pink slip, a car title loan will charge a large percentage of interest towards any remaining unpaid balance once your original payoff date passes. Each month that passes will accrue another chunk of cash added to the balance that you will be responsible for paying. Without paying your fees each month, you run the risk of losing your vehicle. Car title loans can create a hostile financial situation if you cannot afford to pay it back in a reasonable time.

There are a few exceptions to this qualification. Since we are talking about where can i borrow money against my tax refund, let’s see how relates to it. If you owe back taxes, the government will apply your tax refund to the amount owed. If you have a lien against your wages by the US court system, then you again are not eligible to receive your tax refund and the money will be sent to who the court order directs the IRS to send it too. If neither of these applies then eligibility where can i borrow money against my tax refund guaranteed.

The IRS does not promote these refund loans. Electronic tax returns will be accepted in January. If you can hold on another month, you can get your money directly from them at no additional costs. No need to worry about repaying the loan with a high interest rate to eat away at the rest of your refund.

Is your credit in good shape? If it is, then there are numerous options available to you. For so many people, the last recession took their credit rating and obliterated it. If you’re one of those people, you know your chances of getting a loan are slim to nil. There’s no need to feel down, there are options open to you.

But that’s not what this product is. And pressure from several activist groups caused these chains to begin to call them “Refund Anticipation Loans” or RAL’s. This product is actually a high interest loan based on the total amount of your tax refund. This article is going to take a look at how much this product actually costs you the client and how a little patience can save you a lot of money.

Keep a sharp eye out for W-2s and 1099s from employers. If you file through Turbo Tax, you may be able to use their database of more than 100,000 businesses and organizations to pull your income records even before they come in the mail.

If you are getting ready to sell and buy a new house, making some upgrades to your current home can net good returns when you go to sell. Look for our next article to learn which upgrades and renovations yield the biggest returns.

Aayush AgrawalManaging Director, Lenexis FoodWorks
Managing Director, Inspira Realty

Aayush Madhusudan Agrawal is a scion of the illustrious Agrawal family that owns Ajanta Pharma Limited, a multinational specialty pharmaceutical formulation business. He graduated from the prestigious Bentley University in Massachusetts with a Bachelor of Science in Management, and then went on to pursue a Master of Science in Strategic Marketing at Imperial College London. Between his graduation and Masters, he spent some time learning the ropes of the family business. Aayush returned back to India armed with a strong sense of passion and zeal for entrepreneurship.

With seven relatives working in his family's pharma business, Aayush opted to branch out in a totally unrelated field: Pan-Asian food, a cuisine Indians love. Spotting the gap between street food and fine dining restaurants, decided to start his own F&B company, Lenexis FoodWorks, with dedication towards serving hygienic food at an affordable price. In just over 5 years, the company has grown to 61 outlets and plan to open 300 outlets Pan-India over the next few years.

Aayush Agrawal was featured on the Forbes Asia ’30 Under 30’ 2019 list in the food and hospitality category and also in Forbes India's sixth annual 'Forbes India 30 Under 30' list for extraordinary and disruptive achievements in business.

He has diversified in the realty vertical – Inspira Realty to develop an integrated industrial park in Aurangabad Maharashtra with state of art infrastructure of international standards to fulfill the dream of “Make-In-India”. He has now ventured into residential/commercial tower development in Mumbai Region.

Aayush follows the footsteps of his family, well known for their philanthropic activities through their charitable foundations, and strives to make onerous efforts towards the wellbeing of the underprivileged in rural areas with focus on Education, Community Development and Healthcare.

Arushi AgrawalFounder, SEVĀ INDIA

Social entrepreneur Arushi Agrawal founded Sevā India, which produces scented candles to fund social welfare initiatives.

Arushi had a very sheltered life. She was born in Hong Kong, did her schooling there and in Singapore, and went on to pursue undergraduate studies at Babson University in the US. 

Hailing from a well-to-do business family with her father running a group of boutique hotels and her mother running a chain of restaurants in Singapore, Arushi wanted to leverage the resources and network available to her to launch a social venture to address the disparity that exists in India. 

Based in Mumbai, Sevā Home Collection makes luxury candles from soy wax that are sold via its website and Instagram account for Rs 1,400-8,000. Although profit maximisation is not the main goal, she wants to make a statement that the most beautiful candles and fragrances can be Made in India too.

Instead of setting up factories with automated machines, she has opted for a humane approach to hiring women through word-of-mouth and the candle-making trainer who personally knows women in need of jobs.

Launching SEVĀ INDIA 2021 Diwali, every tenth candle sold helped to sponsor a cataract surgery for an elderly person in the tribal communities of Maharashtra through Samta Foundation.  Thus, she plans to support different causes during festivities.

Mamta AgrawalTrustee, Mamta and Madhusudan Agrawal Foundation

Mamta Madhusudan Agrawal is a homemaker. She actively supports her husband in all his endeavours especially the family’s philanthropic activities besides her own social causes.

She is involved in women empowerment programmes through various NGOs headed by her like Bhagini Sanskar Parishad, Archana, etc.

Purushottam AgrawalFounder, Ajanta Pharma Ltd
Chairman, Samta Group
Principal Trustee, Samta Foundation

Purushottam Agrawal, Founder and Principal Trustee of Samta Foundation, is on a mission to make rural and tribal communities healthy, literate and self-reliant. His entrepreneurial brilliance and unrelenting spirit to make a meaningful contribution is the seed of Samta Foundation. His vision is carried forward in our activities, associations and achievements in community development; and has won him several recognitions including an award by the Honourable Vice President of India.

As a businessman, he started with a borrowed seed capital of merely Rs. 10,000 in 1973, and went on to become the Founder of Ajanta Pharma: a pharma major with a market capitalisation of over two billion dollars and employee strength of 6500+. He is also the Chairman of the Samta Group of Companies, which includes Gencrest, the biotech arm, Samta Mines & Minerals Limited, a mining specialist company, Infinichains, IT Company based on block-chain technology and Louroux Bio-energies, an energy sustainability company. He is also the Honorary Consul General of Zimbabwe for Mumbai. Today, his bold ideologies have not only benefited millions in India but across 30+ countries including US, Europe, Asia and the entire African continent.